Knowledge Creation

What diving has to do with the SECI model

In one of my university courses the students are asked to produce a short video on a core concept of knowledge management. Alisa Ruths chose the SECI model and created a wonderful video explanation…which was retrieved on the internet by a huge international company that now wants to use it for their internal KM training. To this purpose Alisa created an English version of her video which I proudly present here:

By the way, the German version can be found here.

The impact of information technology on knowledge creation

I am very proud about some numbers sent to me today: The article The impact of information technology on knowledge creation: An affordance approach to social media, which I wrote in 2014 together with Prof. Heinz-Theo Wagner and Dr. David Wagner and which was published in the Journal of Enterprise Information Management, has been downloaded over 5000 times and received over 100 citations in various scientific publications.

Curious? Here you go!